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Looking to get started with Mobile CRM? Watch our new videos

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is one of the top trends in CRM this year. It's also a powerful tool for business people who want to accomplish outside of a traditional office environment. With this in mind, we recently created two videos that show the benefits of mobile CRM for Sage CRM.

Sage CRM includes native mobile apps that which give you access to your CRM on the road, even when offline and out of coverage. And in the first video, we show you how to access your data anywhere, anytime using these apps. 

This video starts by demonstrating the power of Sage CRM Sales Lite for Apple iPhone. This app enables you to work offline and then go back online to send and receive data from Sage CRM.

Working offline gives you access to your CRM contacts and opportunities and lets you log communications and notes made on the road. You can also track contacts and opportunities, log communications and push notes about People and Opportunities to your CRM.

This first video also demonstrates Sage CRM Sales Tracker for Windows 8. This enables you to view your opportunities status in a pie chart for easy access. You can also take advantage of the improved search capabilities in Windows 8 and search for records using this app. 

Mobile CRM

In our second video, we show how Sage CRM offers fully-featured mobile CRM, allowing you to work online using a browser on a smartphone or tablets.

Sage CRM automatically selects the optimized view for your device. If your device is not recognized or if, for example, you want to try a different view on a Nokia device, you can manually change this in Sage CRM.

On your device, you can search by Company, Person, Case, Opportunity, or Lead. Once a company is found, you can make a call or send an email directly from a record. You can also view a map of the contact's location by tapping the globe icon next to the company address. And you can run any reports that you have created in CRM Desktop on your mobile device. This video also shows how you can enjoy the full Desktop browsing experience on your 7 or 10 inch tablet.

If you have questions about these videos or about mobile CRM, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also watch 8 Reasons why your business needs mobile CRM or read A beginner's guide to mobile CRM.