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Watch our Getting Started Video Series and learn how to use Sage CRM

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Are you a new Sage CRM user who wants to get up and running with your new CRM tool? Or perhaps you’re an existing user who wants to optimize your use of Sage CRM?

Our new Getting Started Video Series shows you how to use Sage CRM to manage and automate your business processes, using example scenarios and clear demonstrations. This thirteen-part series explains, in simple terms, how to move from your free Sage CRM trial to full productivity, and describes what you can do within Sage CRM to accelerate your business success.

Our Getting Started Video Series guides you through key tasks that’ll really help you get the most out of Sage CRM.

  • Moving from your free trial to full productivity
  • Customizing fields and screens
  • Setting up new users
  • Installing the Classic Outlook Integration plug-in
  • Working with Classic Outlook integration
  • Installing the Lite Outlook Integration plug-in
  • Setting up email templates
  • Creating lead records
  • Converting leads to opportunities
  • Progressing an opportunity using Workflow
  • Creating quotes and orders
  • Closing an opportunity
  • Creating a sales forecasts

By watching the videos, you’ll learn how to move easily and seamlessly from your free Sage CRM trial to full productivity. Next, you’ll figure out what information you want to have in Sage CRM, decide how to organize that information on screen, and choose who can access this information. From there, you can start using Sage CRM to enhance every aspect of running your business.

You can watch our Getting Started Videos Series here. If you’re looking for other ways to get started, you can take a look at our User Guide and System Administrator Guide

Did you find these videos useful? Do you have questions about the Getting Started Video Series?

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