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Why upgrade from Sage CRM Essentials Edition to Professional Edition (part II)?

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In the first part of this blog post, I explained why Sage CRM Professional Edition users are befitting from Sage CRM Sales Lite and from Workflow. Now, I discuss why territory and security management are important for Sage CRM Professional Edition users.

Territory management

Territory management is a key part of Sage CRM, particularly for companies that operate in several states or regions. This feature enables CRM administrators and users to separate entities or pieces of information based on access rights. For example, you can set territories up so that a North American sales team can view, but not edit, sales opportunities in Europe, thereby improving organisational reporting.

Alternatively, you could break a large territory like the UK into specific sub-territories, thereby making it easier for sales teams to concentrate on region-specific opportunities. Similarly, you can use territory management to find a breakdown of marketing campaigns and sales performances within specific regions.

This should enable your teams to collaborate more efficiently and make better business decisions.

Fuji Xerox

Prior to implementing Sage CRM, Fuji Xerox used various spread sheets to capture sales and marketing information from different regions. This made collaboration difficult, and version control became an issue for the business printing and document management company.

“We had different Excel systems capturing data in different places by different departments. Sales had its own, marketing had its own, and sometimes the information wouldn’t be the same,” says information manager Chakri Wicharn.

A centralized Sage CRM tool transformed the way Fuji Xerox sales and marketing teams went about their business. The company says Sage CRM is partially responsible for an eight per cent improvement in customer satisfaction ratings as well as revenue growth.

“[Sage CRM]…has played a significant part in growing sales,” says Chakri. “To compete in the market you want to have accurate information so you can make quick decisions and that is something we have achieved with Sage CRM.”

Security management

The benefits of security management are important for Sage CRM Professional Edition users. For example, a CRM administrator may have a scenario whereby they want to decide on the level of permissions to grant to individuals and groups of users.

“Security management is particularly useful where you have large numbers of users. It allows a CRM administrator to manage access rights and permissions to data records across various profiles and territories within an organisation,” says Sage CRM business analyst Pat Dolan.

As an administrator, you could grant a sales team member View, Update, and Insert permissions to sales opportunities within their profile and territory. You could then grant them View-only access to opportunities belonging to other sales teams.

“The core benefit is that administrators can set the system up in such a way that data can be viewed, updated, inserted or deleted by different users depending on their roles, their security profile and the territory that they are in,” says Pat.

He also explains differentiating the “types” of data users can see across roles is a key objective of security management. As a CRM administrator, you may want to give a sales manager complete access to records across all teams, in all territories.

They also may need access to this widespread data, so that they can run detailed sales reports. You could decide to only give a sales team member access to their records and records belonging to other members in their team. As an administrator, you could decide against giving this sales team member the ability to run reports at all. Alternatively, you could enable them to run reports that return data based on their sales accounts or that only use data belonging to their sales team.

Similarly, it may be prudent to restrict the level of access other departments have to sales opportunities stored within your CRM tool.

Are you thinking of upgrading from Sage CRM Essentials Edition to Professional Edition? Please let me know the comments section below or contact our team. You can also watch our short Prezi or our new video.