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4 ways CRM can make your business more productive

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In a growing business, you know a strong sales team directly correlates to increased revenue. But did you know your team is only as strong as the tools it uses to get the job done?

For a growth focused business, successful sales and productivity depends on having a company-wide CRM solution and strategy that involves every part of the organization from sales through to service, and beyond.

While the basic function of a CRM software solution is managing your customer data, if used properly, a CRM solution has the potential to offer much more to your business.

Let’s look at four of the easiest ways you can make your business more productive using a CRM solution:

1. Make more sales with less effort

Getting your existing customers to buy more is much easier and less expensive than acquiring new customers. A CRM solution gives your employees access to real-time customer information to quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. They will also be able to locate pricing and availability of products and assist customers with order and shipment status. And with quick access to real-time customer data, sales reps can do business anywhere, anytime.

2. Reduce administrative efforts

Sales representatives spend a lot of their time on a variety of non-customer facing activities. The workflow automation that comes with a CRM solution can help your sales team reduce the time they spend on administrative tasks such as order management and report generation, allowing them to spend more time with important customers. With a complete view of customer data, you and your employees can get instant answers to common customer inquiries, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

3. Improved collaboration between team members

As your business grows, and more employees join your team, it is important that your sales processes, internal communications within the sales team, and the communications between your sales team and customers are standardised.

With a CRM solution, your sales team can view their individual opportunities, the sales team’s opportunities, and all associated activities that will allow the team to collaborate and work together to discuss and close more deals.

4. Become mobile

Regardless of where new opportunities arise, your sales team needs to have real-time access to accurate customer data to close new deals and service existing customers. Mobile CRM technologies provide new ways to improve the productivity of your sales team and engage more deeply with customers. Having your mobile sales team connect with CRM while on the road will result in more time selling and visiting customers which translate into increased productivity with less effort.

By implementing a CRM solution, you are enabling your employees to give accurate information to customers. As a result, you can improvie your overall customer service, form tighter customer relationships and increased productivity and sales.

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