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Business and marketing digest: Your Pinterest boards, starting a business and Lady Gaga


Welcome to the first edition of your business and marketing digest.

This is a regular round-up of the helpful blog posts and articles about marketing, sales, business, social media and CRM.

This week:

Twitter is an important social media network for business people and it's one of the primary ways we communicate with customers. But, how can you decide how to follow and interact with? Ian Cleary of Razor Social explains How To Find Influencers on Twitter.

Lady Gaga isn't the most obvious person for a digital marketing case study, which makes this post from with Digital Strategy Lessons from Lady Gaga all the more intriguing.

If you're starting a business, Gabie Becko of Sage North America writes:Starting A Business? Two Common Management Issues And How To Solve Them.

If you're as passionate about content as we are, you'll know crafting a compelling introduction to a blog post or article is always tricky. Shane Arthur of Boost Blog Traffic describes How to Write Spellbinding Introductions by Shamelessly Copying the Pros.

And finally, we've spent time over the past few weeks developing our Pinterest boards. If you're want to develop your Pinterest boards, Zoe Waldron of Social Media Explain writes about 6 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers.

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