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Business and marketing digest: Overcoming risk, increasing productivity and taking a gamble


Welcome to the second edition of your business and marketing digest.

This is a regular roundup of the helpful blog posts and articles about marketing, sales, business, social media and CRM.

This week:

Most business people want to become more productive, and there are lots of ways you can do more with less. Chris Bailey studied and applied the most popular productivity strategies for a year, and he wrote about his experiences in The Top 10 lessons I learned from A Year of Productivity.

LinkedIn is one of the most important social media networks for business people. In this article for the Social Media Examiner, Brenda Bernstein explains How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a gamble—on yourself, your idea and your team. In this article for Sage Voice on ForbesBrandVoice, Ritika Puri writes about Four Ways Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Fear Of Risk.

Are you considering using Pinterest? KISSmetrics posted an infographic that serves as A Guide to Consumers’ Relationship With Pinterest.

If you're a UK business, Sage Business expert Gemma Price has posted a blog post explaining What is SEPA and why is it important for businesses in the UK?

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