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Download our new eBook and reimagine how you use CRM in your business

Sage CRM Builder

Sage CRM Builder is a new tool within Sage CRM that you can use to manage different parts of your business.

It’s one of the most exciting and powerful tools we’ve ever created. Our customers are using Sage CRM Builder to create custom modules for managing their business.

Some of our other customers asked us how to create various types of custom modules. With their questions in mind, we wrote a free eBook: Sage CRM Builder: Reimagine how you use CRM in your business.

This eBook explains how to save time and money with Sage CRM Builder. In each example, we present several challenges our customers faced prior to creating a custom module with Sage CRM Builder.

Then, we show you how to six different types of custom built by our customers.

Learn how to create six custom business modules

We made this eBook as practical as possible. It contains pictures, videos and step by step instructions for creating six different types of custom modules.

These modules are for:

Managing a company event: This custom module can help you track registrations, costs and other tasks related to your event.
Organizing a training course: With this custom module, you can keep on top of areas like venues, scheduling and resources.
Tracking competitors: With this custom module, you can gather information about your competitors, conduct a SWOT analysis, and run reports for viewing new opportunities.
Managing products and equipment: Using this custom module, you can manage the service history, serial numbers, and support cases for your equipment.
Overseeing key business projects: With this custom module, you can track your projects’ milestones and set up workflows for automating your businesses’ various projects.
Implementing business projects: This custom module can help you manage tasks related to specific projects.

Our eBook is completely free, and it is one of the best ways to learn how to get more from Sage CRM. You can download it now.

Sage CRM Builder is available to customers of Sage CRM Professional Edition. If you have questions about Sage CRM Builder, please contact us today.