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Are you planning a marketing campaign on a budget?

Marketing your business, your products or your services doesn't and shouldn't have to be expensive.

With the right information and a targeted approach, you can run a successful marketing campaign on a tight budget.

I recently wrote a Marketing 101 blog series for the Sage UK Business blog. In this Marketing 101 blog series, you can learn the fundamentals of implementing and reporting on a marketing campaign.

In the first part of this blog series, I explain the basics of a marketing campaign. I cover topics like crafting a marketing strategy, and deciding who you want to reach. You can also learn about the importance of SMART goals and how to research a target group for a marketing campaign.

In the second part of this blog series, I write about to execute your marketing campaign. I list typical budget categories for a marketing campaign, and I provide practical tips than can help you decide who does what in your business.

And in the third part of this Marketing 101 blog series, I explain how to evaluate if you have achieved your marketing goals and how you can improve your future campaigns. I also provide tips for acting on customer feedback, and I talk about the important of one metric that matters (OMTM).

I wrote this Marketing 101 blog series to be as practical and accessible as possible.

If you find these posts helpful, please take a moment to comment or share them on the Sage UK Business blog. And if you have any questions or tips, you can always reach out to @SageCRM or find us at Google+.