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Business and marketing digest: mobile CRM, the Zeitgeist and PR tips


Welcome to the fourth edition of your business and marketing digest.

This is a regular round-up of the helpful blog posts and articles about marketing, sales, business, social media and CRM.

This week:

We're passionate about content marketing, but do you know it's actually a revolution? That's according to Alexander Jutkowitz of the Harvard Business review.

If you're finding work particularly busy or stressful at present, Shana Lebowitz of the Greatist provides 40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less. My favorite? Drink green tea.

Sage CRM Principal David Beard considers Why has mobile CRM adoption has been so slow in this article for

Shana Starr provides The 6 PR tips every startup should employ in, and suggests companies should hire help if they need it.

Seth Godin cautions the Zeitgeister, arguing that it's dangerous to forget about long term strategies in favor of what's trending now.

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