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4 simple tips and tricks that will save your business time and money


Ever get the feeling the job you just completed could have been done in half the time?

Time is money, and nobody knows that better than small business owners.

If you are a self-employed boss, you probably clock longer hours than the average employee.

Don't worry, help is out there.

There are many simple ways that you can be more efficient in your work and turn wasted time into tangible profit.

Let’s get started:

1. Practice good habits

First and foremost, getting yourself into good habits is key to improving your own personal output. Removing time wasting distractions, for example, is mandatory business practice.

These include:

  • repeatedly checking emails
  • spending too much time on social media,
  • avoiding unnecessary meetings

Multi-tasking, contrary to popular belief, is also a big no-no.

It has been scientifically proven that the human brain can’t work to its potential when work is divided over various tasks. What people actually tend to do is shift hastily between tasks. This inevitably leads to lost time.

Focusing on one singular job allows you to complete it to the best of your ability. Set goals and plan ahead and your future will be a productive one.

2. Learn to work on the move

In this day and age it is essential that you are available to work on the move. Make use of hotels, coffee shops and business spaces that offer peace, quiet and free Wi-Fi.

There are many products and software today that allows a business to function wherever you may be; from taking secure card payments to communicating and file sharing through Skype and Dropbox.

However, we all know that sometimes not everything goes to plan. Be prepared. Prepare for having no internet connection.

Ask yourself what work can you do while offline?

Also, make sure people know you’re working on the move.

There’s nothing worse than having a client or colleague send you something urgent when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

3. Outsource certain tasks

Don’t let your ego get the better of you.

You can’t do it all.

No one can.

Outsourcing not only provides your business with a niche, specialized talent, it also allows you to focus exclusively on your job. You can save your business money through time-saving, labour reduction as well as reduced training and operating costs.

You can outsource tasks to writers, marketers, personal assistants and web and graphic designers.

Although outsourcing can reduce the volume of repetitive business tasks, there are some jobs you should avoid outsourcing.

It goes without saying that core business responsibilities requiring top level competencies should remain in-house.

Also, it must be noted outsourcing job roles such as HR and payroll could lead to exposing confidential business information to a third-party, and generally isn't a good idea.

4. Hire a virtual assistant

A good virtual assistant should support you when you’re on the road or overseas, and they should also enable you to keep working, even if you are somewhere with bad signals.

Hiring a VA doesn’t require you to completely overhaul your company either. Instead a VA can provide you with the support you need to become a more productive and efficient business person.

If you hire a virtual assistant, they can manage your diary and prevent your company from missing an enquiry regardless of how busy you are.

For example, if you experience spikes in call volumes following a new advertising campaign, you can task your VA with handling this overspill.

A virtual assistant can also handle tasks like:

  • Managing your email
  • Organizing your personal work
  • Handling calls from customers

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Srini Sarathy is a marketing consultant for Answer-4U, the Telephone Answering Service provider. Find him on Google+.

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