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Business and marketing digest: life-long learning, busy blogs and Sage Summit


Welcome to the fifth edition of your business and marketing digest.

This is a regular round-up of the helpful blog posts and articles about marketing, sales, business, social media and CRM.

This week:

If you have a busy blog, it can be hard to hard come up with new topics each week alongside managing posts by multiple contributors. If you're experiencing these kinds of problems, Zach Cutler on Entrepreneur explains how to Become a Better Blogger Today With These 4 Actions

The best blog posts are based on in-depth research and backed up by scientific findings. Alex Turnbull's post on Buffer makes the case for backing up your arguments: How and why to write persuasive research backed content.

Are you spending time on social media or are you trying to cultivate an email list?

Neil Patel's recent blog post on KISSmetrics suggests we should spend more time cultivating email and less time developing our social media presence: Five Shocking Facts That Will Change Your Entire Approach to Social Media.

Neil makes a strong case but don't give up on social media just yet!

Twitter is the one of the best free market research tools out there. At Sage CRM, I use Twitter all the time to research what customers want and to find out information for blog posts. If you're not making the most of Twitter, Alex Bossenger article on Social Media Examiner can help: How to Use Twitter Analytics To Find Important Data.

On 99u, Paul Jun explains how self-education can help you build a bullet-proof career. He covers topics like making learning a habit, using free online resources and learning from the lives of your heroes.

And finally this week Sage Summit is taking place in Las Vegas. Speakers at the event include former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and the co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone. There's load of information about Summit via the previous link, an on the official Sage North America YouTube channel, you can watch highlights from the show floor.

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