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Free eBooks for business, marketing, CRM and sales professionals

Over the past few months, we've created a number of high-value eBooks about topics that are important to our customers. These eBooks provide content that can help sales, marketing, CRM and sales professionals become more productive and efficient.

In this blog post, you can find a round-up of our free eBooks.

For social businesses

Most businesses understand the importance of customer relationship management or CRM, but there is more confusion over the role of social CRM in a business.

In this free 32-page eBook, we explain the difference between customer relationship management and social CRM. We also provide some practical tips for getting started on social media.

After reading this eBook will be able to:

  • Understand the role of social CRM in your business
  • Implement a social CRM strategy
  • Use social media to develop better business insight

Get: A practical guide to social CRM for small and medium sized companies

For sales professionals

Top Tips ebook

We recently spent time listening to the concerns of sales people and drawing on the knowledge of experienced sales coaches. In this eBook, we've gathered their insight and knowledge so you can improve the quality of your sales campaigns.

This 43-page eBook contains practical advice from seasoned sales professionals and gives best practices that you can use to sell more effectively. It also includes powerful tools and exercises that will drive fresh thinking in your company.

Get: Top Tips for Effective Selling

For business owners and managers

Sage CRM Builder

As a manager of a growing business, you need new ways of increasing productivity, you want your company to become more efficient and 
you're looking for a better way of organizing key businesses processes. In this 50-page eBook you can discover how Sage CRM Builder can help you manage any area of your business.

For more information on this powerful tool can help you become more productive and efficient, please read the ultimate cheat sheet to Sage CRM Builder.

Get: Sage CRM Builder: Reimagine how you use CRM in your business

We're also busy working on several new eBooks which we are excited about sharing with you. We will regularly update this post with details of our latest content, so check back often for more great content that can help your business.

For joined-up companies

Our customers have told us about the benefits their businesses experience with an integrated CRM and ERP solution. Throughout this new free eBook, we provide practical examples of how real-world businesses are benefiting from a single source of consolidated business data. We also explain how to make the case for CRM in your business. 

Get: Extending the power of CRM across your business

We're busy working on a new eBook which we are excited about sharing with you. We will regularly update this post with details of our latest content, so check back often.

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