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The top five most popular Sage CRM blog posts from 2014

2014 was a busy year.

We published five eBooks, launched a new blog channel and released Sage CRM 2014 R2. We've got lots of exciting plans for the Sage CRM blog channel for 2015. In the meantime, here are the top five most popular Sage CRM blog posts published during 2014.

1.  Find out the 5 benefits of an integrated CRM and ERP solution in our free eBook: In a 2013 Sage European survey of small and medium sized businesses, 63 percent of customers identified consistent and reliable customer information as a key benefit following the implementation of an integrated Sage CRM and Sage ERP solution. In this post, you can discover why Sage CRM and Sage ERP work better together. And you can download a free eBook. 

2. Scoping a CRM project? Read this first: In this guest blog post, Nick Baladi of CPiO explains the five steps to making the case for CRM in your business. 

3. Succeed on LinkedIn with top tips from 20 experts: LinkedIn is one of the most important social media networks for business people. For this post we interviewed CRM, customer service and social media experts about what it takes to succeed on LinkedIn. You can read their answers in this blog post. 

4. The ultimate cheat sheet to Sage CRM Builder: Sage CRM Builder is a powerful tool that lets you adapt Sage CRM to suit the needs of your business. In this blog post, you can read everything you need to know about Sage CRM Builder and discover how it can help your business.

5. Increase website traffic with these 7 magic tricks: Who doesn't want more website traffic? In this guest blog post, David Clayton, managing director of Gaumina, provides 7 tips for business who want to increase traffic to their website.

The top five most useful blog posts we read this year

Blogging is as much about sharing other people's content as it is about writing your own. We came across hundreds of high-quality blog posts online this year. Here are five of the most useful (and popular)  blog posts for business and marketing professionals.

 1. 21 SEO Techniques You Can Use Today to Get More Search Engine Traffic: SEO is a minefield for many business people. In this blog post, Brian Dean of Backlinko provides a thoroughly comprehensive guide for businesses who want to get results from their SEO efforts.

2. The Only 6 Posts Worth Writing (and How to Totally Nail Each One): Are you planning on finally getting your blog channel off the ground in 2015? If so, Glen Long of Boost Blog Traffic describes the types of blog posts you should be writing if you want to get more traffic, increase engagement and build a popular blog.

3. The Ultimate Copy Checklist: 51 Questions to Optimize Every Element of Your Online Copy [Free Poster]: Copyblogger is staple reading for anyone who produces content for their website on a regular basis. In this blog post, Aaron Orendorff gives a checklist that you can use to check your copy before you press the publish button.

4. Top tips for achieving funding success: In this blog post for the Sage UK blog channel, Sage Business Expert Tracey Bird provides resources and funding opportunities that will help people finance a business idea and invest in their growth plans.

5. 26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates: Social media is an important marketing channel for every business but what if you're struggling for content to share? In this post, Ali Luke explains how and why you should share company milestones,  evergreen content, contests and more. 

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