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7 powerful ways manufacturing companies use Sage CRM to grow

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Over 15,000 companies around the world use Sage CRM every day to become more productive and efficient and to grow their business. Many of these are manufacturing companies who provide products to other businesses around the world.

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In this blog post, you can read 7 real-world examples of manufacturing companies using Sage CRM today.

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1. For sharing knowledge across the business

Kaysersberg Plastics has been manufacturing and marketing plastic sheet and converted products, including reusable plastic packaging, for over thirty years.

The company chose Sage CRM to build and share corporate knowledge across its business.

Mark Lightowler Managing Director Kaysersberg Plastics says about Sage CRM:

"Now when I pick up the phone to talk to a sales person, we both see identical, current information…I have an up-to- date picture of the deal status and can assess the support and resources needed.”

2. For working with other companies

Veolia Water Solutions works with local and regional organisations and businesses in over 50 countries, through one hundred subsidiaries.

The management of Veolia wanted to improve their business insight and enable its subsidiaries to work together more efficiently.

“[Sage CRM] enables us to adapt to the specificities of each country, and…to their…working methods," says Shaun Summers, Global Sales Tools Manager with Veolia.

3. For real-time information

Hardy Roux manufactures and distributes kitchens and bathrooms under the brand names ‘Hardy Inside’ and ‘Cuisines à Vivre’.

Sage CRM integrates with Hardy Roux’s software and gives its sales teams real-time access to their data.

“Sage CRM interfaces with all our management tools, and our sales team now have real- time information on their customers,” says Rémy Roux, Industrial Director and Director of IT at Hardy Roux.

4. For more control over the sales process

In under ten years, Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia (HCEA) established itself as one of Australia’s largest and most reputable construction equipment brands.

The company grew with the help of Sage CRM, and today Sage CRM is the company’s central resource for all sales activities and communications with customers.

“Our sales teams [can] manage their relationships in real-time. If there are any issues… we can get involved and…get that quotation out to the customer,” says Matt Golby, Systems Manager of Hyundai Construction Equipment.

5. For mobile communications

Mgwezi brand manufacturers is a South African company with a large inventory list and a mobile workforce. With Sage CRM, the company’s team can access customer and prospect information on the road.

“The entire sales force can now be mobile, access the system and work with it no matter where they are through an internet connection. This mobility has been a huge bonus for the company,” says Leon Nel, IT Project Manager of Mgwezi Brand Manufacturers.

6. For processing orders

Sirromet sells wine primarily through its mobile workforce, and until recently each salesperson was a virtual silo of customer information

With Sage CRM, marketing and sales teams can now access reports about stock movement and product availability from any location.

“This automation will save Sirromet considerably over the next five years in time alone. Not surprisingly the reduction in paperwork has received a very good reception with the team,” says Gary Anderson, Marketing Manager of Sirromet.

7. For targeted marketing

Any d’Avray specialises in the conception and commercialisation of exclusive wig designs.

The company wanted to expand its business and retail network. It needed a CRM solution that would support this growth.

“During our last marketing campaign…we were able to make a more refined selection of target users than we used to,” says Jean-Pierre Beuvaden, Chief Operating Officer of Any d'Avray,

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