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These 7 distribution companies are more efficient and profitable thanks to Sage CRM

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As the owner or manager of a modern distribution company, you know how important it is to ship orders on time, provide great customer service and stay one step ahead of the competition.

But do you know that a customer relationship management solution can help you sell more products and services, get ahead of the competition and become more profitable?

We do.

In this blog post (and SlideShare), you can find out more about seven successful distribution companies who are using Sage CRM today to become more efficient and grow their business.

1. For understanding what customers want

The car rental company Avis wanted a system for customer service and for responding to customer interactions. It integrated Sage CRM with its booking system, gained a better view of customers and drove efficiency.

According to Ann Gallagher, customer relations manager with Avis, “Our operators have a full service and booking history of callers [and] resolution time is down. We can build a much deeper impression of the ‘Avis experience’.”

2. For more productive business processes

Konica Minolta relied on three software systems which were unproductive and costly. The printing services company wanted a solution that would save it time and money.

Using Sage CRM and Sage ERP, the printing services company can see its current cash flow, access current customer information and build more rewarding relationships.

According to Ronald Rens, IT and Engineering Solutions Manager with Konica Minolta, “It became increasingly important to make the customer a partner in our daily business processes and to achieve this we needed a [complete] view of our customers.”

3. For a more mobile workforce

Healthcare equipment supplier Linet France needed a CRM system that employees could access remotely and use to track long-term business projects.

Mobile CRM means its employees can save time and become more productive by updating their data from anywhere.

According to Eric Mougin, President of Linet France, “Our sales men, who handle up to 15 departments each, consult all the customer data securely in real-time and also update our database remotely. That way, they gain time and independence.”

4. For getting ahead of the competition

The Musgrave Group required a solution for providing superior business support to its retail partners. In addition, it needed a system that would allow it to improve customer service.

Sage CRM enables the Musgrave Group to respond to customers faster and provide a quality customer service experience that differentiates it from competitors.

“It is important for Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland to deliver a high-quality customer service. This is not possible to do effectively in the absence of a good CRM solution.,” said Michael O’Neill, IT Service Desk Manager with the Musgrave Group.

“In turn, quality customer service helps to differentiate us from our competitors and allows us to respond quickly to our customers' needs.”

5. For providing exceptional customer service

Lightspeed Aviation distributes headsets, but as the company grew it found providing exceptional customer service more difficult.

Today Sage CRM and Sage ERP provide an integrated business management solution that its customer service team rely on.

According to Jim Mueller, Vice President and COO of Lightspeed Aviation, “Sage ERP and Sage CRM are flexible enough to work the way we work and help us to be better at what we do. We have a platform that will support our growth and adapt to our changing business for years to come”

6. For employees who want easy-to-use software

TODD’s sales team needed an easy-to-use CRM solution that would improve their knowledge of customers, drive their productivity and increase sales. Thanks to Sage CRM, TODD now has a central customer database that all of its team can use to find information about customers faster and more easily than before.

According to Audrey Pinsault, Sales Administration Manager with TODD, “Sage CRM’s user-friendliness and intuitive interface simplified its adoption by [our] users.”

7. For enabling faster business growth

Inortech supplies paint, ink, plastics, and adhesives. It wanted a solution for handling prospect and customer information, for collecting invoices and for reviewing sales histories.

Sage CRM has accelerated collections for outstanding invoices, improved its cash flow, credit, and increased the company’s ability to expand.

According to Audrey Pinsault, Sales Administration Manager with TODD, “With all information readily available, sales representatives can deliver unparalleled customer service and strengthen client relationships.In short, Sage CRM delivers the business management capabilities we need to stay competitive. ”

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