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6 delightful Facebook tips and tricks for getting ahead faster


By Sandra Hennessy

Do you use Facebook to promote your business?

Would you like to increase the amount of people that follow your company's Facebook page?

Are you looking for time-saving tips that will help you ensure more people engage with your content?

In this post, I provide 6 Facebook tips and tricks for small and medium businesses. Plus, I also suggest some ideas for your next Facebook post.

Let's get started.

1. Make sure your customers use Facebook

First off, have checked to see if your customers are actually on Facebook?

Yes, there are 1.4 billion people on Facebook and 64 percent of them check their account daily BUT are your customers using Facebook?

It may be time to analyse your customer segments and review if Facebook is right for your business.

For example, LinkedIn is often a better fit for business people who want to talk to other business people.

2. Master Facebook's habit of filtering your posts

Facebook filters your posts based on your network's engagement with your page, which means posting content that your followers like.

The more people you can get to engage on your page the more visibility your posts will have.

These tips will help you increase the visibility of your content in your fans news feeds:

  • Increase your fans affinity to your page. Nurture your relationships, create brand advocates and respond to all comments and posts on your page.
  • Increase engagement levels. Share posts that are entertaining, interesting and engaging, but avoid pictures of cats and dogs unless you run a pet store.
  • Share some posts from other pages. Maintain a balance between your content and shared content, and talk about topics that are popular and trending.

3. Don't be a bot, be a human

You may sell business to business, business to consumer or both, but in the social media world we are engaging with people.

A brand doesn’t grow legs and arms and start posting to social media. There is a human being behind the page. You need to decide who in your organisation is the best person to write and manage your posts.

Once you have decided the best person to manage your page, define your tone of voice.


  • How do you want to be perceived online?
  • What words will you use?
  • Will you use acronyms like OMG and LOL?
  • What is the personality of the business?

4. Post at the best times

Facebook is not a 9am to 5pm job, and if your account grows, it will need to be managed outside of office hours. It's also important that you post at times that suit your followers.

There are 2 Facebook features that can help you:

  • 1. Insights: In your Facebook Insights reports under Posts, you can see information on when your fans are active. Use this information to decide on the times of your updates.

  • 2. Scheduler: This tool will help you share content at a predetermined time. This means that you relax at home while your pre-scheduled posts are shared.

Remember, if you're regularly publishing content on Facebook, your fans perceive you as available to ask questions, comment and so on.

You will need to ensure someone is monitoring engagement and responding quickly to these questions. This will help you provide better customer service on social media.

This can be easily managed from your smart phone or tablet if you download the Facebook Page Manager app.

5. Be active but not over-active

Lots of Facebook page owners are either too quiet, or they bombard their fans with content. Your job is to find the right balance for your fans.

The frequency of you posts depends on your social media strategy and how active your network is.

A good benchmark is to post two to three times a day. You can manage the frequency of your updates using a social media automation tool like Buffer.

6. Surprise and delight your customers and followers

I was speaking at a conference recently where a delegate asked me, “I share my discounts every day, why won’t Facebook work?”

That is an excellent example of sharing content that your customers do not care for.

If you offer discounts every day, they stop being surprising. Plus, no one on social media wants to be sold to constantly. It's best to vary the types of posts you share on Facebook.

Each social media post should be unique and interesting and engaging.

Bonus: 10 killer Facebook ideas you can use today

  1. Tips and advice: think of questions your customers ask every day and then answer them.
  2. Images for your posts: use Canva and don't forget to brand your images.
  3. Competitions: give away something ensuring you stick to the rules.
  4. User generated content: ask your customers to share their images of your products.
  5. Quotes: tie them into the brand and business personality and ethos.
  6. Expertise: Share your blogs, case studies, white papers etc.
  7. Customer testimonials: share, review and thank those taking part.
  8. Fill in the blank quotes: “If the sun were shining today I would...”.
  9. Personalise your business: introduce your fans to you and your colleagues.
  10. Industry breaking news: Share it and comment on it.

Facebook is an easy network for businesses to learn but it's a harder network to master. Using the tips in this post, you can accelerate the growth of your page, improve your customer engagement and ultimately increase your returns from social media.

Do you have any Facebook tips and tricks? Share by reaching out to ©Sandra Hennessy.

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