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Communications specialist CommLink was able to grow its business by 50% with Sage CRM

By Sinead Mitchell


Sometimes the biggest challenge in implementing a CRM system is deciding which one to implement. This was all too true for CommLink. CommLink are a communication services company who provide a 24 hours call-handing service and like many other service companies, customer relationships are integral to the success of their business.

As Managing Director Mike Burkinshaw explained. "For some of our clients we are the first point of contact they have with their customers," he said. "The two mantras for our staff are that if we do our job right nobody knows it's us and if we get it wrong, it’s our client's neck that we put on the line."

Burkinshaw always knew that a CRM system would be central to the success of CommLink but the road to finding the right CRM system had not been easy.

Poor interfaces, difficulty in integration and the complexity of systems were just some of the bumps he experienced on the road. Before giving up completely, he decided to give Sage CRM a try and signed up for a 30-day free trial. The decision proved transformational!

Steps to Improvement

Mike Burkinshaw had Sage CRM deployed on site with user licenses for all 14 of his sales and administrative staff. The deployment schedule coincided with the latest release of Sage CRM, which added many new features including business insight functionality, a new-look, contemporary interface, and enhanced email-marketing capabilities.

The last of these feature in particular proved very timely. With Sage CRM, CommLink can now:

  • track and monitor emails campaigns
  • see how quickly each email is opened
  • schedule appropriate responses, as well as
  • build intelligence into the business that can be used in subsequent marketing plans

Talking about Sage CRM, Burkinshaw said “I love the interface, it has a simple ‘drag and drop’ feel but if you need to do something more complex and put some code in, you can do that too. It’s user-friendly and customisable.”

CommLink experienced 50 per cent growth in 2014, a significant ramp up in business that Burkinshaw puts down in part to the use of Sage CRM. And he credits it directly for improving customer satisfaction levels by 20-25 per cent.

“Sage has dramatically increased the amount of business we have, and I expect to see a 50-75 per cent growth on turnover as a result of our marketing and sales efforts within the next 12 months,” said Burkinshaw.

What's next for CommLink and Sage CRM

Looking to the future, CommLink have plans to integrate Sage CRM with Sage Pay, Sage’s payment solution – to which Mr Burkinshaw believes will make a dramatic difference to their processes. “We believe that with Sage’s automation and workflow we will be able to get a client up and running on our systems in three hours,” said Burkinshaw. 

He sums up: “Sage CRM’s configurability has been key as our business develops and moves into different areas. I’m confident we can achieve virtually anything we want with Sage CRM and that’s good to know”.

Download and read the full CommLink success story here.

 This post originally appeared on the Sage CRM Community.