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Five ways for business owners to control their inner control freak


By Santiago Solanas

In our celebration of Small Business Saturday, we're hosting Sage Live sessions in which we're inviting entrepreneurs around the world to talk to us about the challenges they face.

Yesterday I took part in a Twitter Q&A with small business expert Frederique Murphy (@IrishSmiley) where we discussed how businesses can best delegate and pass responsibility onto those around them. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the session, especially those who submitted the great questions we had to answer!

If you run your own business, you've taken a lot of responsibility – that's what makes it so rewarding. But as it grows you need to give away some of that control so you're not taking too many things on.

It seems many of you are thinking about this, judging by the great response we got on Twitter! Here are some tips from the session which will help you ensure you're delegating your way to a more manageable work life.

You don’t know everything
A business evolves, so you won't know everything straight off the bat. And you don’t have to. Recognise what you’re good at and what you’re not. Then bring in people who can fill the gaps. That way you can start letting go of the things you don’t enjoy or that take up too much of your time.

Healthy body, healthy business
You're not a machine. And if you fail, the business fails. Make sure you are making time to eat properly, exercise and take regular breaks from work. It’s ok to leave others in charge while you head to the gym.Holding onto everything is a recipe for disaster as the stress of it all is likely to takes its toll on your work and home life, creating a cycle of under-achievement.

Lose control once in a while
We can view a lack of control as a threat and that can make you react in a certain way. Don’t panic. If you do you won't solve, create, store, remember, behave or learn as well.Learn to react in the right way – ask yourself what you need to feel your business is in safe hands and what will boost your internal sense of control.

You’re not the best at EVERYTHING
You need a team around you that you can trust. Often that means knowing people’s strength and weakness so you can keep the things you're best at and delegate the rest to others. If you don’t enjoy bookkeeping should you be spending hours doing it? Give it to somebody who loves crunching numbers and they'll probably do a much better job. And if they use Sage, even better!! :)

Delegating doesn't mean you're not being a leader.
You have a limited amount of time so focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on your business and can’t be done by another person in your team. Being a good leader is all about keeping people moving in the right direction, but that doesn’t mean doing everything to get them there.